Your Story Matters: The Essential Memoir Writing Workshop

Your Story Matters: The Essential Memoir Writing Workshop For All Ages

Saturday, June 3, 2017, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m., This Workshop will be held at the Baltimore County Public Library, Cockeysville Branch Conference Room (9833 Greenside Dr, Cockeysville, MD 21030)

The wait is over. The time for you to share your Story is now.

Your Story matters, and no one on this Earth can tell it better than you.

In the past, though, many things might have held you back from telling that story; maybe those reasons made you a little afraid to write it all down, even privately.

Maybe someone convinced you that you didn’t have the skill to write such a story.

Or perhaps your courage was destroyed by an overly critical teacher or family member. It happens all the time.

Like many others, it might have been simply a matter of time (or lack of it) than it was about talent or confidence.

Maybe your life was just too busy with commitments like school, or a career that demanded so much of your time. Perhaps it was your family’s demands and responsibilities that put your stories on hold.

There will be time for all that later, you kept thinking to yourself.

The most common trap you and others usually fall in, though, is thinking that your story just wasn’t worth sharing.

Nobody really cares, do they? It’s not like you were saving lives by rushing into burning buildings all these years, right?

Well. . . . Yes and Yes.

Readers like you and me savor the extraordinary stories that we can relate to the most: stories of love, family, relationships, conflict, and triumph.

In other words, stories that are about you, our friends, our family — the most important people in our lives. You may not be running into burning buildings on a daily basis, but your life stories are just as compelling, and they can only be told through your words.

The biggest question that I receive from people just like you is simple and direct: If it’s time to write my story, where do I begin?

It can all seem so overwhelming, can’t it? Somebody tells you that your story needs to be told, or you make the decision yourself to write it all down for your grandchildren, for the local archives, or for no other reason than you wish to leave a trace and tell the world, My Story Matters. Suddenly, you freeze, paralyzed with the idea of putting that pen to the paper and delving into the stories that matter the most to you.

Getting you started, keeping you writing, and helping you publish your story is what I love to do. I have been helping individuals share their life stories for over 30 years, and nothing would bring me greater happiness than to help you with your story.

Your 1/2-Day Workshop includes:
• Understanding the Memoir genre and the elements of Creative Nonfiction
• Learning how to write cinematically
• Identifying and reaching your target audience
• Tackling the tough issues of writing about others
• Discovering your essential story
• Developing a compelling story structure
• Creating an early draft that captures the reader’s attention immediately
• Designing a realistic deadline schedule for September submission

• Free 5 x 8 lined writing journal
• Free 28-page book: Your Story Matters: The Essential Guide to Writing Memoir
• Free drinks and sweet treats
• Exclusive access to our Facebook Memoir Writing Group

Early Registration (by May 15): $55
May 16 – June 2: $65
NO registration on the day of the event.
Questions? Contact Rus directly at or 410-622-0721

To register for this workshop, please complete the registration information form, which can be found HERE.

Once you complete the registration information form, you can complete your registration by making your payment HERE.

You can also mail in your registration form and payment. Please contact Rus directly at if interested in this option.

Rus VanWestervelt, dubbed the LifeStory Architect, has been teaching writing for over 30 years, mentoring writers of all ages throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. He earned his MFA degree in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College in 2003 and has published numerous articles on writing and original works in local, national, and international publications. He is currently an adjunct professor at Towson University and CCBC, and he mentors younger writers in the Howard County Public School System.  

If you would like to print out a copy of our flyer to post in your school, church, business, or organization, please download it HERE.


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